Valentines 2011: The Power of Love Hates You!

by Zephos on February 14, 2011

Heart Attack!

The Power of Love Hates You Too!

Happy Valentines everybody! – The one day of the year we can blatantly tell borderline strangers that we love them and not be charged with sexual harassment!

Valentines day is also that one day of the year in Japan (Among other countries in Asia) where your entire validity as a man is determined by the amount of chocolates you secure by the end of the day from girls… go-go entire male population of Japan! Let the lack of sugary donations of goodness from the girls in your life grind your self-esteem into a fine sandy paste!

In this illustration, we have the lovely Gitynia with a super compact version of the Cross Light dress to fit an extra compact body looking for love in all the right places!… but with the wrong tool. I wanted to try super bright saturated colors this time around because I hate people who love love and love people who hate love… wait, what did I just say? Anyway, coloring with really bright colors is dangerous, don’t do it kids.

Hope all you lucky boys and girls out there with someone to love have an awesome day! Please rest assured that I will not stare at you with utter contempt as I  proceed to stalk you throughout your day to cope with personal inadequacy issues.

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