I Will Scream At You Until You Can Draw Anime & Manga!

by Zephos on October 24, 2012

Introduction to Anime & Manga IllustrationHave you ever crammed a 26 episode anime into a single sitting, accidentally read normal comics right to left instead of the other way around or salivated over the breath taking concept art of your favourite JRPG? If so, the thought of bringing your own anime & manga characters has probably invaded your mind more than once. “But I have zero talent for drawing!” or “I don’t have the time to learn a new skill!” you may say! To which I say that if you can afford to make a mistake without the universe instantly imploding, you most certainly can, and I will show you how!

Hot out of the pot this November 12, 2012, I will be teaching a brand new class with the Vancouver Animation School in order to kick start you into the world of drawing the manga and anime characters occupying your mind who are just screaming to be brought into our world!… Well, that or demons from the netherworld, minor difference.

Thinking back to my early days of drawing, there were literally only one or two methods of learning the style unless you know… happen to be actually living in Japan and did that whole speaking in fluent Japanese thing. This was back in the time when trading VHS tapes of Record of Lodoss War and Bubblegum Crisis in brown paper bags was considered the closest thing to mainstream and dissecting anime & manga to oblivion and practising drawing alone in an abandoned wine cellar until your social life committed suicide was part of the learning curve.

Fast forward a decade later, we now have books, video tutorials, and a flourishing international community in support of illustrating our favourite optically oversized otaku obsessions, however, there has yet to really be an official hands on course with a live instructor teaching anime and manga illustration in plain English that can be accessed anywhere in the world online with just a mere computer… that is until now! Also, I’m pretty damn happy to be the one teaching it! You should totally sign up just to see me do my best impression of a well-adjusted member of human society, it’ll be hilarious!

This new course is designed to cater to you the artist in learning the basic foundations of manga and anime illustration. That being said, the very definition of “Manga & Anime Illustration” is about as open to interpretation as the width of the Grand Canyon. That’s why above all else, my personal goal of this course is not to teach students how to draw, but how rather to “draw out” the characters from within a student’s mind with the style and aesthetics that only they can see by custom tailoring each and every class to the individual student’s unique taste. In other words, I’ll be having a two sided conversation with you… one that may or may not involve relentless screaming. ~^_^~

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me directly via email! We’ll go all the way from rough sketch to coloured illustration in a single ultra-compressed month, go over a bit of old school anime and manga history and have lot of fun in the process! I will also be at Anime Evolution in Vancouver on November 3rd and 4th to help promote the class as well as showcase my usual artwork so please come on over and check out my best impression of a sane human being! ~^_^~


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