Floating Ball Fan Art Forever!

by Zephos on November 6, 2012

Fan art from uber awesome fan Aira!

Did you know that certain fast food restaurants have secret items on their menu? For example, try visiting a Fatburger joint and asking for the “Hypocrite”. What you’ll get is a delightfully vegetarian burger… with bacon! It’s contradelicious! Well, either that or a crime against humanity. In the same spirit, if you should ever visit me at artist alley, I’ve been known to store a few secrets under my table, including an art card of Vippy the Floating Ball of Doom!

Having only ever been sold individually to two people, the Vippy art cards have become somewhat of a rarity, mainly because I discontinued them after my very first convention. It can only now be found normally “hidden” in the Collector’s Edition Album (2012). So did anyone actually buy a card of Vippy the Floating Ball of Doom at my first convention (Minicomi 2011) when it wasn’t actually a secret item? Why yes, and this is when I first met Aira, a girl who would soon become the biggest fan of Vippy I’ve ever seen!

Not only was Aira the first person to buy a print of Vippy, she was also one of my first customers ever period, and this was back when I considered like five and a half customers a day to be a sales record! Since then she would come to visit me at every single anime convention I’ve done and recently drew and delivered this awesome illustration of Vippy resting in a bed of furballs above for me to see!

This meant the world to me, because not only is it the first fan art I’ve received of one of my characters, but because Vippy is also “arguably” the oldest character I have ever drawn that is still canon in Xyniverse! To give an idea of just how old, here’s a train wreck of a drawing I drew of Vippy when I first thought that becoming an artist was a good idea:

Harvest of Souls with Vippy!

Holy mother of… I still can’t believe I got into the Vancouver Film School with that. The fact that I found this aesthetically pleasing at some point in my life is a never ending source of horror for me. Aira’s drawing blows my early illustrations out of the water!

Although Xynthica is an older character in concept, it turned out that drawing floating anthropomorphic balls with eyes was slightly easier than adorable blue haired female bipeds, hence Vippy was born! Fun fact though, Vippy and Rally are actually the same entity! I rarely mention this of course, because if your true form was a squishy floating  ball with cat ears, you’d wouldn’t want other people to talk about it either!

Uber thanks to Aira for her awesome fan art and for those who visit my booth in the future, don’t hesitate to ask if an art card of Vippy is in stock! You may also be wondering what other little secrets are hidden under my table, so for those who love noodles, pirates and don’t mind a little blasphemy on the side, please be sure to ask for a sizzling order of Spaghu-tan at a Zephos artist booth near you!

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