Webinar! Let’s Learn to Draw Anime & Manga This November 24th!

by Zephos on November 14, 2012

Do you dream of drawing your own anime & manga characters but have no clue where to start, possess mad procrastination skills or are carrying  a surprisingly light wallet this month? No problem! That’s why there is the Introduction to Anime & Manga Design webinar!

This November 24th, 2012, yours truly in partnership with the Vancouver Animation School is offering a FREE webinar to give aspiring anime and manga artists a taste of our full Introduction to Anime & Manga Illustration course! Also, did I already mention that it was FREE?! Sorry, it seems my capslock automatically comes on when I type the word FREE… let me see if I can fix that.. ahem, FReE, fRee, free. Ah! There we go. Also, this webinar? Yeah, totally free.

You may be wondering what exactly is a webinar, no worries! I certainly know that my spellchecker sure as heck doesn’t. A webinar is a seminar on the web, or to put things more precisely, it is a fully interactive live online meetup where awesomeness happens! Awesomeness includes asking me questions live from the comfort of your own computer or seeing me jump off the third story balcony in the inevitable case that I royally screw up (Or alternatively, diligently drawing all nice and non-suicidal like).

“But what’s really so good about this whole fancy new interactive thing?”, you may further inquire. Well… have you ever tried asking questions when watching a video tutorial? Didn’t work out so well now did it? The cutting edge advantage of these webinars and classes is that we will strive to cater to your unique individual tastes, styles and preferences!

Don’t take my word for it though! Come join us and come see the difference a live instructor makes!

Also, if there is anything you would like me to look into touching on specifically at the November 24th webinar, please be sure to let me know in the comments on this page! ~^_^~


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