Avica’s Omnicide Dress (1/10)

by Zephos on August 28, 2010

The time has finally come! Now instead of posting entry after entry about how I managed to accidentally destroy this site on any given day in the process of making it, I shall post about… well, something other than that I guess… probably. This site could still spontaneously explode just for old times sake.

Okay then, how about some fresh art with the start of this year’s “Xynthica Fashion Showcase 2010”? What started originally as just a bunch of drawings to see what outfits for my characters were the most popular became an annual summer tradition for me and by “my characters” I mean Xynthica, the blue haired female biped with a man eating tale! This year I’m doing something special though; seeing as how Xynthica has had to work solo the last two years for 2008 and 2009 and is probably thinking of ways to inflict varying degrees of physical pain to my face as a direct result, this year, other characters of the cast are taking over starting with:

Avica's Omnicide Dress of Kill Lotsa' Stuff!

Are you tired of buying clothing lacking the ability to randomly eat you? Not a problem! With the Omnicide Dress, not only will you commit suicide, you’ll commit suicide in style! Weaved together by a certain blue haired female biped famous for making things with really, really, bad side effects, the Omnicide Dress lives up to it’s name by killing anyone near it, including it’s owner if they don’t happen to oh… let’s just say be at least partially imaginary so that the dress doesn’t twist their internal organs around like a kitten with a ball of yarn while trying to become the physical manifestation of their twisted personalities. Two out of two imaginary friends highly recommend the Omnicide Dress! Everyone else? Well, they’re not alive any more to rate it anyway, so that shouldn’t really matter.

Next up! Rally’s got a new dress and she looks exponentially more angry than usual! ~^_^~

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