Gallery Upgrade Complete!

by Zephos on December 10, 2012

It’s that time when I put on the good ol’ website designer hat and upgrade the site! Unfortunately, sometime in between now and when I had originally designed this site, I had completely forgotten about CSS, SEO, PHP and a whole lotta’ other three letter acronyms of highly probable importance. So there’s good news and bad news.

First, the bad news. I have about as much insight on how to make this site mobile device friendly as I do on how to cook a Thanksgiving Turkey without someone violently dying from food poisoning. As for the good news, the Gallery part of the site is now all nice and pretty like and now comes with BANNERS! In your face 1993 cutting edge of website design!~^_^~

Also new to the gallery part of this site are… a whole lot of new illustrations! Illustrations of delicious food! Illustrations of sleek graphic design! Illustrations of cute anime girls! I really love the word “Illustrations”, and you’d be surprised how lazy I am when it comes to picking up a thesaurus!

Previously, I had only a very limited amount of images on this site since Flickr for the most part functioned as my gallery, but I figured that if visitors have even remotely as short an attention span as I do, it couldn’t hurt to put everything in one place! There are even some images illustrations here that have never appeared on Flickr before!

Now missing from the sidebar to the right is the old Xynipedia link icon! For anyone who clicked on that in the past, it would install a virus onto your computer that would eventually gain sentience and make it its mission in life to destroy everything you have ever known and loved… that or just lead to a blank page. Half of the fun is guessing which one of the two! Anyway, in light of it not doing anything beneficial other than serve as a constant reminder of my lack of punctuality, I’ve decided to ninja it until it resembles something other than an error 404 page.

Now that anime convention season is over here on the west coast of Canada, I hope to spend a bit more time trimming the hedges on the site and you know… actually drawing stuff! ~^_^~ Thank you for visiting this humble site, especially if you happen to be viewing this on a mobile device as from my understanding it’s probably a leading cause of near-sightedness in teenagers.


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