Fearsome Fables: Frightening Fun for the Whole Family!

by Zephos on December 11, 2012

Recently, I have had the honour of having my work published in Fearsome Fables, a collection of mighty spooky comics and stories from Ink’d Well Comics! The book recently went on sale this Halloween season making its debut at Hal-Con in Halifax with all proceeds going to support the charity Child’s Play!

Fearsome Fable showcases the talents of writers and artists from the west and east coasts of Canada! “What about the middle of Canada?” you may ask? Well, as you may know, the middle of Canada doesn’t actually exist… but we pretend it does for the sake of the children, just like the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny and 3-Year Warranties!

Naturally, since drawing is my primary skill, you would think that I would have contributed a comic to the anthology instead of a story, logically speaking of course. Unfortunately I fail at logic and decided to invoke a skill I had barely used since high school and write a whimsical light hearted comedy longer than most software Terms of Service agreements.

Ignoring the fact that I accidentally wrote a comedy about two girls dressed as kittens and their misadventures with a flaming toilet paper tree for a book whose unifying theme was gripping horror, I had an awesome time brushing up my narrative chops! Friend, fellow artist and editor Peter Chiykowski who you may already know as the mind behind Rock, Paper, Cynic also did an incredible job of making sure that my story made coherent sense to inherently sane people with a concept of sequential order, because heaven knows it sure as hell didn’t on the first draft!

Here’s a short excerpt from Under the Toilet Paper Tree:

[“Um, Nommy.” Tabena interrupted Nomica’s line of positive of thinking. “I think I might have just learned another valuable lesson.”

“Did it involve any one else being severely injured?”

“Well no. Not yet, anyways. Turns out, toilet paper is highly flammable.”

“You don’t say…” Nomica sighed, brushing aside one of the countless strands of toilet tissue strung about the tree’s branches. She noticed the faint light from below glowing brighter and brighter.

“Would now be a good time to tell you about the many religions we have on Earth to help us cope with the inevitability of death?”

“Only if there’s one that specifically punishes people who set trees with children in them on fire!” Nomica shot back as the flames spread through the tree and smoke filled the air.]

To learn more about Fearsome Fables and the many incredible artists featured, or even to snag a digital or physical copy for yourself, please visit the official Fearsome Fables page!

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