Nomica & Tabena in Full Colour!

by Zephos on December 12, 2012

As it turns out, it has been more or less eternity since I uploaded a new coloured illustration onto these interwebs! I’d like to blame rampant video game addiction yet again, but oddly enough I was actually legitimately busy this time!… that almost NEVER happens. No more excuses though, here are two hot off the press illustrations of Nomica and Tabena, the stars of Under the Toilet Paper Tree!

 Under the Toilet Paper Tree is a short side story I wrote  for the anthology book Fearsome Fables! Written in the style of a Japanese Light Novel and part of a larger story called Nomivore, the tale follows two young ladies on one of their days off from competitive eating on a bitter Halloween night! Also, it has cat-girl outfits! Definitely a selling point! Unless you’re one of those people who does’t like cats… or girls.

Anyhoo, it didn’t occur to me until I wrote the story, but it turns out that most of my creative thought process goes through an “Anime-o-Vision” filter even when writing. Funny how that works out. Makes me wonder how readers of the story would interpret a story about a violet-haired girl with a black blob of a man-eating tail and a taste for pigeon if they thought about it “realistically?” Oh, that girl would be Nomica the “Omnivore!” She earned the moniker due to her ability to eat EVERYTHING in the exact literal sense of the word. And yes, that includes eating herself… don’t ask. Seriously. Don’t ask.

Having arrived on Earth via crashing into a wedding cake on a meteor, Nomica befriends a mobster’s daughter named Tabena Fibonacci the “Maneater”, just to the right over here! The friendship works out perfectly… mostly because Tabena is a sociopath with a fundamentally fractured moral compass and a knack for ignoring the people that Nomica accidentally eats to death on a regular basis! Needless to say, I had as much fun drawing these pictures as coming up with the backstory!

For these illustrations, I experimenting with several alternative techniques. Instead of cleaning up the line work and inking the sucker, as is the standard with most anime/manga art, the final lines in the drawing are actually the pencil line work from the original sketch! I really liked the organic feeling they conveyed, so I think I might incorporate this experimental style into future illustrations as well.

For the colouring  the cellshading was also done by hand, instead of using vector masks as per my usual technique,  just to give a more home-brewed feeling! I’m still a bit OCD though, so you can only really tell if you click on the  pictures here to zoom them up to be all nice and big like!

For the backgrounds, I inadvertently created a series of nine deliciously vector desserts! I never realized just how inherently fun staring at inanimately delicious food can be! Unless you happen to be starving. You wouldn’t believe how many boxes of Oreos I ate after finishing these! Have you ever tried those Oreo Cakesters yet? They’re like the physical manifestation of happiness! ~^_^~

Now that these two illustrations are complete, please look forward to seeing full sized and postcard sized prints of them at my first convention after the New Year to be announced! Thank you everyone who came to visit me at the anime conventions in Vancouver this year, you’ve been incredible! Take care, stay awesome and please look forward to more new illustrations in the future!


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