Rally’s Savage Dress (2/10)

by Zephos on August 31, 2010

Here we go with the second outfit for this year! Rally and her equally hostile “Savage Dress!” which really isn’t a dress now that I think about it, but it really doesn’t look like a suit either, so I’ll just be vague yet significantly off the mark and say it’s a dress.

Rally's Savage Dress of Facing Ripping Happiness!

In all of Rally’s previous outfits there was one fatal flaw, they were severely lacking in the evil face ripping department! When there’s a face you absolutely must claw off, you’ve got to look the part, and what better fashion to accompany your cranial decapitation needs than the Savage Dress? Rally’s Savage Dress is a light, stealthy yet protective garb designed for high velocity melee combat. It’s made out of only the finest in assorted ancient dragon body parts and the latest in bio-steel technology to ensure maximum comfort no matter who’s face you decide to maul at any given time!

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