Gitynia’s Apocalypse Dress (4/10)

by Zephos on September 6, 2010

Where Gitynia comes from, you do not ride the tank, the tank rides you. That’s why in the world of overly excessive armored dresses with a gratuitous amount of weapon systems built in, the Gitynia’s Apocalypse Dress stands apart as a structure of ridiculous fortified by a frame of overkill and topped with a sprinkle of kinda’ impractical.

Gitynia's Apocalypse Dress of Surprisingly Unpleasant NatureFormatted with the latest and greatest in Axiom warfare technology derived from award winning Ancient Technologyâ„¢, the Apocalypse Dress is powered by an impact reactor that transfers any damage taken directly into clean energy for supporting shields. With all of it’s wonderfully shiny lights and smooth armored finish, the Apocalypse Dress is like wearing your own personal spaceship, but with none of the traveling that most spaceships are kind of built to do in the first place.*

*Hat & Wings not included with Apocalypse Dress

Next up! Gitynia’s arch enemy Sylis will put on something decidedly a lot more breezy!

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