Sylis’ Heartbreaker Dress (5/10)

by Zephos on September 10, 2010

If wearing a single necktie is considered fashionable then it only stands to reason that an entire dress made out of neckties must be the ultimate in fashion with the Heartbreaker dress, a dress that along with shamelessly being made out of 100% recycled heart ties made from the tears of grown men also has the slight side effect of shamelessly stating your intentions at casual social functions! We would like to say the ties came from the wardrobes of men who’ve had failed romances with Sylis after myriads of one night stands, but it leaves somewhat of a gaping hole in logical continuity, so please assume this statement to be true without asking any further questions for our convenience.

Sylis' Heartbreaker Dress of Heartbreakiness

Along with coming with a fancy pair of winged boots, the Heartbreaker dress also comes with a tail hole in the skirt for our primary demographic which would probably be evil sex obsessed female demons, but cat girls are pretty high on the list too. Many ask why exactly does the Heartbreaker dress come with four gigantically oversize neckties trailing it around like a cape? To that question, we answer “Shut up, that’s why”… primarily because we don’t actually know either

Next up, it’s Avica’s round again and even I don’t know what she’s going to wear!… seriously, I don’t. I haven’t even started drawing it yet.

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