Avica’s Filibuster Dress (6/10)

by Zephos on September 25, 2010

Let’s face it, “symmetry”, among other things such as the golden ratio, basic color theory, and breathable air are overrated.  Symmetry is a sign of laziness. Symmetry is redundancy. Symmetry is nature’s copy, paste and flip for when it lacks any creative innovation to go out and royally screw things up in ways that only an underfunded human artist ever could, and that’s why the Filibuster Dress is the manliest dress a girl could wear, because nothing says manliness quite like telling nature that its sense of design sucks.Avica's Filubster Dress of great Uneveness!Descended from the original Filibuster Dress which was named specifically due to the right side and left side vastly disagreeing with each other on a matter of issues important to national interest, the new Filibuster Dress MkII now comes with the manly asymmetry necessary to make you want to go out and punch a goat, but with none of the ridiculous imbalance in weight that the original required a new law of gravity to adequately explain. Also, it apparently comes in kid size now, because you can never be too young to disregard a fundamental design principle of nature.

Next up! Rally has a new foxy dress with a fistful of puffy!

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