Rally’s Holy Beast Dress (7/10)

by Zephos on October 2, 2010

Recent studies by a third party that we totally did not pay to skew the results have shown that a girl can never have too many tails, that’s why when it comes to good old fashion tail filled goodness, accept no substitutes, the Holy Beast Dress is the only way to go! Along with complimentary sharp pointy sleeves useful for clawing out ex-boyfriend’s eyes with, the Holy Beast Dress also comes with nine tails freshly ripped from innocent helpless foxes from a rural wildlife sanctuary yelping for the sweet embrace of death! After all, why put the effort into trying to incite the burning hatred of animal activists around the world when you can simply wear it?Rally's Holy Beast Dress of Extreme Tailiness!So why are there actually ten tails in illustration and not nine? Good question! It appears that Rally was naturally born with a fox tail to begin with, but don’t mind that minor detail. It’s just like when cat girls wear cat ear headbands – but nine times as redundant! Side effects of wearing this dress include the excessive need to claw at objects, the excessive need to claw at moving objects, and finally the excessive need to claw at moving objects till they aren’t moving any more. May also glow in the dark with an ominous power that can be objectively described as millions of dead animal spirits screaming in unison in unending torment. Not machine washable.

Next up, Phia gets a serious hardware upgrade to her high tech wardrobe!

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