Gitynia’s Crosslight Dress (9/10)

by Zephos on December 27, 2010

For when you want to commit horrendous atrocities against humanity in the name of one or more deities but without that claustrophobic feel those plate mail wearing sissies are always whining about, put your faith in the Crosslight dress!Gitynia's Crosslight Dress of Great Justice!Sporting beautiful, breathable, bloodstain resistant fabrics, the Crosslight dress is designed with all of the comforts of the Dark Ages, yet forged with all of the genocide filled goodness that only futuristic warfare could bring!  It even comes with wing holes and a spiffy halo, because when delivering your daily dose of of righteous indignation, it never hurts to look the part!

Lightweight and with a shield generating core, the Crosslight dress is ideal for those times when you happen find yourself in the middle of a corpse strewn battlefield and suddenly remember you have the ability to fly, thus concluding that inflicting massive vertical laceration to everything in your immediate vicinity wasn’t particularly necessary, albeit still immensely satisfying. Making excuses to invade another nation on completely baseless grounds has never been more fun!

Next up, our local sensitive seductress Sylis sports the final dress soulfully! What will it be? Stick around to find out!

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