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Sylis’ Soulpiercer Dress (10/10)

by Zephos on December 29, 2010

Perfect for those who don’t particularly fear the reaper, the Soulpiercer Dress is a light weight, combat ready attire catered to Gothic sensibilities and infused with good old fashion cowgirl hospitality, because heaven knows how often those demographics mix!Sylis' Soulpiercer Dress of MORE COWBELL!Of course, it helps to be inherently demonic when slipping this silky bar dress on and getting your booze on, as the wing and tail holes will look mighty suspicious otherwise… as well as being drunk in general. Needless to say, this dress also helps if you are coming down with a fever… a fever for MORE COWBELL!

Also featured is an extremely child unfriendly combat sized fountain pen that is totally not filled with blood of freshly ground babies. We like to call this stick of misery the Soulpiercer Drawal, and it’s magic! Magic totally not filled with ground babies of course.

Well that’s it for the Xynthica Fashion Showcase 2010! Thank you all for taking the time to visit and view my work! Please have a Happy New Year and look forward to a brighter future!… hopefully naturally bright, the other known things to cause literally brighter days in human history are all kinds of lethal.

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