Hoppy New Year 2011!

by Zephos on January 1, 2011

Hoppy New Year 2011!

Hoppy New Year 2011 Everyone! This year according to the Chinese Zodiac is the Year of the Rabbit, and you know what that means!… well, you might, but I’m pretty sure I don’t, haven’t checked my horoscope lately to be honest, but I drew this illustration of “Albino Snow Bunny Girl” Albi-chan! Albi-chan’s main motif are bunnies, rabbits, Japanese snow bunnies… and probably Japanese snow rabbits, hard to tell if you’re going to get all scientific about it. Speaking about science, here’s a scientifically sound diagram of a Snow Bunny based on what I learned about them from video games.

Albi-chan is not an official a story character, but she likes skiing, speaks with a Canadian accent and is very good at multiplying! Her favorite foods are carrots and happy thoughts. She becomes sad whenever she realizes her giant hands make it difficult to hold hot chocolate mugs. ^_^

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