How to Play The Sims 3 VERY Badly!

by Zephos on January 3, 2011

Those who’ve known me for a longer time than I’m generally comfortable with know that I’m a long time The Sims fan and FAQ writer, better known as TheSocialBunny! Named after that trauma summoned man sized bunny that comes down to console sims who are very, very lonely in The Sims 2.

Recently, due to my disappointment regarding how The Sims 3 has mutated into a bloated bug infested nightmare it seemed like a natural idea to create a video series on ridiculously elaborate ways in which to make the lives of your sims as inhumanly miserable as possible in my very self explanatory video series “How to Play The Sims 3 VERY badly”… enjoy!

(Watch the full series on YouTube!)

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