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About This Site

Welcome to Xynthica: Mostly Imaginary! The hungry otaku artist site! – For when you absolutely, positively must have a combination of food fanaticism, anime obsession, and art advice all in one place! A  fusion of the original Xynthica website and Otaku Onion, this site is the next step in a vision to entertain, enlighten and educate those who share the passion of anime, art and very tasty objects with articles and illustrations at the very frontier of my ever expanding abilities!… oh, and to sell my art and services! – I’m kind of evil that way.

About the Artist

Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Merritt “Zephos” Wong and I am a freelance illustrator specializing in the anime & manga school of cuteness design, with a heaping helping of all purpose graphic design for good measures! When not working on an art project or commission I usually run aimlessly around in panic until I am. Surprisingly, it turns out that I’m a bipedal male human, not my first choice, but almost as good as my second which would be a giant man eating snail!

About “That” Anime Girl

The blue haired female biped you see around here  for no explicit reason is Xynthica yes, impossibly hard to remember name, know. I challenge you to remember it 5 minutes from now, worst name for marketing purposes EVER. If there was a hell specifically for people in marketing, it would be a place where they would be constantly forced to try and pitch a product with her name, and if I had a time machine and less respect for paradoxes, I would warp back in time and strangle the 10 year old kid who came up with it. That being said, she seems to be the character most people associate me with and has become the titular imaginary friend in the title of this site, so she just kind of followed me here.

Thank you for visiting this site, if there is anything at all I can help you with, be it buying prints, requesting a commission or just to say hello, please don’t hesitate to send me a message!

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