Sylis’ Heartbreaker Dress (5/10)

by Zephos on September 10, 2010

If wearing a single necktie is considered fashionable then it only stands to reason that an entire dress made out of neckties must be the ultimate in fashion with the Heartbreaker dress, a dress that along with shamelessly being made out of 100% recycled heart ties made from the tears of grown men also has the slight side effect of shamelessly stating your intentions at casual social functions! We would like to say the ties came from the wardrobes of men who’ve had failed romances with Sylis after myriads of one night stands, but it leaves somewhat of a gaping hole in logical continuity, so please assume this statement to be true without asking any further questions for our convenience.

Sylis' Heartbreaker Dress of Heartbreakiness

Along with coming with a fancy pair of winged boots, the Heartbreaker dress also comes with a tail hole in the skirt for our primary demographic which would probably be evil sex obsessed female demons, but cat girls are pretty high on the list too. Many ask why exactly does the Heartbreaker dress come with four gigantically oversize neckties trailing it around like a cape? To that question, we answer “Shut up, that’s why”… primarily because we don’t actually know either

Next up, it’s Avica’s round again and even I don’t know what she’s going to wear!… seriously, I don’t. I haven’t even started drawing it yet.


Gitynia’s Apocalypse Dress (4/10)

by Zephos on September 6, 2010

Where Gitynia comes from, you do not ride the tank, the tank rides you. That’s why in the world of overly excessive armored dresses with a gratuitous amount of weapon systems built in, the Gitynia’s Apocalypse Dress stands apart as a structure of ridiculous fortified by a frame of overkill and topped with a sprinkle of kinda’ impractical.

Gitynia's Apocalypse Dress of Surprisingly Unpleasant NatureFormatted with the latest and greatest in Axiom warfare technology derived from award winning Ancient Technology™, the Apocalypse Dress is powered by an impact reactor that transfers any damage taken directly into clean energy for supporting shields. With all of it’s wonderfully shiny lights and smooth armored finish, the Apocalypse Dress is like wearing your own personal spaceship, but with none of the traveling that most spaceships are kind of built to do in the first place.*

*Hat & Wings not included with Apocalypse Dress

Next up! Gitynia’s arch enemy Sylis will put on something decidedly a lot more breezy!


Phia’s Starlet Dress (3/10)

by Zephos on September 3, 2010

Here at, we believe that clothing should either be an abomination of innovation with the power to cause innocent bystander’s faces to instantaneously implode… or surprisingly functional in everyday life. Rest assured, the Starlet Dress has the second category covered! Unlike the Omnicide Dress which has the power to make the convex side of planets significantly more concave, the Starlet Dress’s claim to power is it’s surprisingly breathable fabric and… not much else actually.

Phia's Starlet Dress of Supreme Uselessness!

Let’s face it, not every piece of attire can be a heaven tearing, soul crushing, wearable travesty of natural order, but rest assured, while  the Starlet Dress may lack the ability to cause the planet you are on to spontaneously burst into flames, it’s naturally airy fabric made of  99% cotton will keep you cool just in case one of the other outfits does!

Next up, Phia’s ancestor and queen of the overdress, Gitynia, will wear the school of minimalist clothing design’s worst nightmare!

Here at, we believe that clothing should either be an abomination of innovation with the power to cause innocent bystander’s faces to instantaneously implode… or surprisingly functional in everyday life. Rest assured, the Starlet Dress has the second category covered! Unlike the Omnicide Dress which has the power to make the convex side of planets concave, the Starlet Dress’s claim to power is it’s surprisingly breathable fabric and… not much else actually. Oh wait! It’s got an awesome belt too, can’t forget that!


Rally’s Savage Dress (2/10)

by Zephos on August 31, 2010

Here we go with the second outfit for this year! Rally and her equally hostile “Savage Dress!” which really isn’t a dress now that I think about it, but it really doesn’t look like a suit either, so I’ll just be vague yet significantly off the mark and say it’s a dress.

Rally's Savage Dress of Facing Ripping Happiness!

In all of Rally’s previous outfits there was one fatal flaw, they were severely lacking in the evil face ripping department! When there’s a face you absolutely must claw off, you’ve got to look the part, and what better fashion to accompany your cranial decapitation needs than the Savage Dress? Rally’s Savage Dress is a light, stealthy yet protective garb designed for high velocity melee combat. It’s made out of only the finest in assorted ancient dragon body parts and the latest in bio-steel technology to ensure maximum comfort no matter who’s face you decide to maul at any given time!

Next up, Phia’s got some new threads!


Avica’s Omnicide Dress (1/10)

by Zephos on August 28, 2010

The time has finally come! Now instead of posting entry after entry about how I managed to accidentally destroy this site on any given day in the process of making it, I shall post about… well, something other than that I guess… probably. This site could still spontaneously explode just for old times sake.

Okay then, how about some fresh art with the start of this year’s “Xynthica Fashion Showcase 2010”? What started originally as just a bunch of drawings to see what outfits for my characters were the most popular became an annual summer tradition for me and by “my characters” I mean Xynthica, the blue haired female biped with a man eating tale! This year I’m doing something special though; seeing as how Xynthica has had to work solo the last two years for 2008 and 2009 and is probably thinking of ways to inflict varying degrees of physical pain to my face as a direct result, this year, other characters of the cast are taking over starting with:

Avica's Omnicide Dress of Kill Lotsa' Stuff!

Are you tired of buying clothing lacking the ability to randomly eat you? Not a problem! With the Omnicide Dress, not only will you commit suicide, you’ll commit suicide in style! Weaved together by a certain blue haired female biped famous for making things with really, really, bad side effects, the Omnicide Dress lives up to it’s name by killing anyone near it, including it’s owner if they don’t happen to oh… let’s just say be at least partially imaginary so that the dress doesn’t twist their internal organs around like a kitten with a ball of yarn while trying to become the physical manifestation of their twisted personalities. Two out of two imaginary friends highly recommend the Omnicide Dress! Everyone else? Well, they’re not alive any more to rate it anyway, so that shouldn’t really matter.

Next up! Rally’s got a new dress and she looks exponentially more angry than usual! ~^_^~


Blog Under Construction!

by Zephos on August 8, 2010

August 26, 2010: Updated to Thesis 1.8! I’m assuming that since the site hasn’t imploded yet that I did it correctly… probably. Oh wait, it just imploded — my bad, I used absolute links instead of relative links, not exactly upgrade proof as it turns out. I better fix that right about now ^_^. Soon to come – some actual content!

August 9, 2010: Been experimenting with a lot of new plug-ins right now! The fine folks at FlippingBook have been wonderful in regards to helping me solve a numerical issue that drove my obsessive compulsive love for sequential numbers into despair. In the process of trying to figure it out though, I learned how to dig into the MySQL database of this site and mess around in ways that could probably nuke the entire site into ground with a single click. I also signed up with Google Analytics to help keep statistics on my site and finally put up some Tags and Categories for search engine optimization. I know there are some people who love to focus on SEO… I’m not one of them, I’d rather do just about anything than SEO like drawing, writing, wrestling a bear twice my height with a plastic bag taped over my head, etc.

August 8, 2010: Currently investigating an interesting way to present the Xynipedia. For sure I want to use a lightbox or gallery system, but which one? FlippingBook is interesting and would work perfectly if I didn’t have an inherent tendency to avoid gratuitous use of Flash as a general tenet of web design. I’m going to give the WordPress version a test run to see how things turn out. Also tested this site with Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome and the site is working pretty well on all of them. My old site’s link at has also now been redirected to this site, but for those who would like to visit it for old times sake, please check out the original flavor of ice creamy cuteness! Come to think of it, I wonder when I’m going to write my first real post? Still a few things I want to finish up before then, the fun is just starting!

August 3, 2010: I put a nice little source seed icon next to each new headline so they are easy to spot now! Also added the Xynipedia icon to the sidebar! I had some color balance issues with the icons so in order to make it blend in a bit better since it uses more dark space, I had to lighten up the opacity a bit more so than the others. Originally, it had a 3D hologram effect to it, but it looked out of place with the other icons, so I decided to flatten it out a little. There’s currently nothing in the Xynipedia which I intend to fill with articles on my individual characters and other aspects of the Xyniverse, but first I probably should do something about that About page to make it a little more interesting!

August 2, 2010: Finally got around to writing the About page and also enhanced my feedback system using Wufoo! It’s so much more elegant than the old fashion “mailto:” school of complaining feedback! I’m not entirely satisfied with the About page, seems kind of normal which is never a good thing with webdesign. God awful can be awesome, awesome by definition can be awesome, but normal is never awesome. It’ll take a lot longer, but I want to integrate a fun visual About page into this site like I had back at the original site, as amateurish as it was. I also want to try out some headline accents and a new image pop up script. I was thinking about integrating the “Xynipedia” into the About page, but I think it’s going to be big enough to deserve it’s own side menu icon. I’ve also put a link from over there, so for those of you who have come from there, thank you again for all of your support! I hope you enjoy the new site even more than the last!

July 31, 2010: Papa’s got a new Favicon or I as like to call, that really, really tiny image next to this site’s URL! It’s surprisingly hard making something that’s not a single letter show up well as a 16 x 16 icon. Originally, I wanted to use the snail logo, but it didn’t work well at that size. Then there were the signature prism wings — didn’t work so well either. Finally I decided on the “Source Seed”, a much bigger version of what can be seen in the lower right corner of the page. What is a Source Seed? In the Xyniverse, it’s a fragment of the code that forms reality that a certain character can create when she eats something, a really BIG version of which can be seen in the Axiom Girls illustration with said character sitting on it… so yeah, pretty much just a big glowing ball of magic. The site’s RSS Feed is also now live and I’ve switched to Lijit for searches! Also, I added a Tumblr link to the bottom of the site that links to my Tumblog “Zephos Everyday Life” which is my mini-blog for trivial entertainment… as opposed to this blog, which is for non-trivial entertainment!

July 30, 2010: Things are looking up! Almost done with the layout, just a bit of clean up and research and I should be ready to go! Added some external link icons to the footer. I originally wanted them to be rollovers, but I couldn’t get the CSS to behave, so I decided just to use inane comments for hover text to make them more user friendly… that or the exact reverse, one of the two. I’ve also improved the search bar function and will shortly be signing up with Lijit and FeedBurner to further enhance the site. The comments section has also be slightly improved with a new sticky note yellow box! I’ve been learning a lot about Hooks lately and decided to mainstream some of the features on this site through them and clean up the code… the site still looks the same, it’s just technically more efficient and isn’t that a wonderful thing?

July 29, 2010: Uploaded a new background image! Tomorrow, we’re going to get a bunch of new furniture in our home so it’s bye-bye clean wood floors for me, so I thought I’d take advantage of that and… randomly throw drawings and pencils onto the ground and take a picture!… it sounded like a good idea at the time. I had to blur the hell out of it to get the grain out, affordable digital cameras have their limits after all, but thanks to the magical bastardization of JPEG compression, you can barely notice the difference to begin with! Wait… am I suppose to be proud of that? The site also now has it’s first hidden Easter Egg secret! Can you find it? ^_^ So far, things are coming along great and I’m experimenting with a lot of new CSS features and making new icons. I hope to have a small batch of new external icon links tomorrow to put on the bottom of this blog, although my mantra is still to keep it as simple as possible… Minimalist without being minimal if you will! The site’s underlying code is kind of a disaster right now, so I also hope to clean it up and make it all nice and consistent like so as not to indicate my mad copy and paste skills!

July 28, 2010: Added a new search feature! Currently, I’m using my illustration “Axiom Girls” as a site background since it seems to have worked so well on Twitter, but it seems to be a wee bit on the make your eyeballs explode school of design for a blog so I’m going to try and replace it a with a much more subdued background. I was originally going to place my signature in the footer as well, but it seemed kind of egotistical, so I ditched the idea.  Also adjusted the CSS height so the page wouldn’t start eating itself under 300 pixels. I put a slight fade on the center of the page background to make it easier to read.  Also overhauled the color scheme and made it more light and pastel like!… a little bit cutesy, but it’s not like people who visit the site wouldn’t infer the site’s target demographic from the tagline already, ahaha ^_^.  The tagline I incidentally deleted… oops.

July 27, 2010: Phew! Finally tamed that nasty little Footer Tail that kept on crawling up from the lower left hand side. Turns out I was focusing on the wrong thing the whole time and instead of putting it in the sidebar, I put it in the “content_box” and voila! Well, in any case, it looks like it’ll work, but I’ll be testing it thoroughly to make sure. Also new are the new rollover buttons to the upper right, those were fun to make! Rollovers in CSS sure are a lot easier to hand code than the old fashion Java Script method. I’m starting to wonder if I should make the site more colorful though, I originally muted the colors to begin with so it would look a bit less distracting and more mature. Also fixed up the Permalink structure… at least I think it’s fixed since comments actually work now. Probably going to write the About page next, but first it’s time for some spicy noodles to celebrate!

July 26, 2010: Looks like it’s starting to resemble something that remotely looks like the design I had envisioned! I had to sacrifice the functionality of the sidebars for the time being, but as long as I find an intuitive way to integrate navigation, it shouldn’t be a problem… Looks okay in Firefox, slightly less so in Internet Explorer. I’m going to have to find a way to move that line of death from under the header somehow. Also, the accent to the lower left is behaving very badly on longer pages… it seems not be listening to the alignment code I wrote all that well. I also get the distinctive feeling that the line paper background which depends on absolutely pixel perfect alignment isn’t going to be the friendliest design feature I ever wrangled on a website.

July 25, 2010: So after learning about a few new and innovative ways to destroy my blog, I decided to reset the theme and work from scratch to try and implement my concept from a minimalist approach on up. I currently fail to see how this could be a recipe for disaster.

July 23, 2010: I’ll stick with the hilarious awkward color scheme for now, it’s practically a replica of my old site at although something has to be said about not wanting to change after almost a decade. It’s at least colorful and kid friendly if anything else. I have another design in mind but am going to have to sketch it out first and see if it works. ^_^

July 15, 2010: Trying to decide the color scheme right now… Common sense dictates that I use good old fashion white on black for readability, but I feel like being a little evil right now… enjoy your new purple and teal overlords!